Board of Trustees


Claire PiconePresiding Member

Dan Poeira – Parent Representative

Nikki Whitman – Parent Representative

Cameron Smith – Parent Representative

Vanessa Mark – Parent Representative

Sam Harrison – Staff Trustee

The Board of Trustees is responsible for seven key work areas in the school, which are:

  • development and ongoing review of the school charter.
  • monitoring and reviewing your school’s progress.
  • putting in place a policy framework.
  • employing the principal.
  • managing assets.
  • ensuring your school’s legal compliance.
  • implementing the National Education Guidelines

Board Meeting Procedures

Boards of Trustees meetings are public meetings and all school community members are welcome to attend and listen.

The meetings are run under standing orders similar to local body meetings.

These standing orders mean the following:

  • Anyone wanting something to be discussed or correspondence to be tabled by the board needs to inform the Presiding Member at least five working days before a meeting for consideration of inclusion into the agenda
  • Anyone wanting to speak to an item on the agenda should apply for speaking rights in advance of the meeting
  • outlining what the subject matter is. The granting of speaking rights is then voted on by the board at the beginning of
  • the meeting. Speaking rights are granted for the named subject only.
  • Anyone interested in attending meetings and wanting to know more is welcome to contact Presiding Member, Claire Picone.