Community Input

We have a very close school community and welcome involvement of all family members.

We aim to listen and act on comments and suggestions. Board of Trustees meetings are public meetings and all members of the school community are invited to attend.

If anyone has a matter to be discussed at a board meeting they should contact the Presiding Member, Claire Picone. The Support Squad committee also work constantly on behalf of the school.

Our school runs social events during the year so members of the school community can get to know each other. We also have regular fundraising events and working bees. These events not only get a job done but provide enjoyable social times where members of the school community can work together and get to know each other better.

Parent Support

Parental involvement in the school community is essential to the success of the school. Parents are encouraged to participate fully in our programmes. It is appreciated when parents offer help with classroom programmes, educational trips and visits, coaching, fundraising and Board of Trustees work.

Mangaroa Community Emergency Hub

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