Mangaroa School is a popular school and the Board of Trustees is limited in the number of places it is able to offer students as a consequence of operating an enrolment scheme.

All children wishing to be considered for enrolment should complete an enrolment form and lodge it with the school office as early as possible. This applies to children living in-zone and out of zone.

Mangaroa School operates an Enrolment Zone Policy.

Our school operates within a Ministry of Education approved ‘zone’.  For your clarity:   

  • Families living within the zone will always be welcome at our school
  • Each year we will enrol a small number of out of zone students. This number will be set by the Board of trustees in line with advice from the Ministry of Education. We will not be enrolling any new out-of-zone families this year.

Families of children currently at school and who live or have shifted out of zone:

  • The children of that family who already attend school may stay
  • At this stage siblings may continue to enrol at the school.  We will be reviewing this on a regular basis.

Why do we need to carefully manage this?
To ensure we have the best possible all-round learning environment for our children.  More specifically to ensure: class sizes remain reasonable, our school environment is always safe, and that no unnecessary pressure is placed on our teaching staff as well as financial and other resources.  

We are confident this can be well managed while continuing to offer our children a safe and fantastic school environment – both indoors and out.    

In – Zone Enrolments
All students who live within the home zone described later shall be entitled to Hero at the school. Proof of residence within the home zone is required.

When sending in your enrolment form, we will require the following:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate (New Entrants)
  • Copy of Immunisation Certificate
  • 2 Documents – Proof of Address – for ALL In-Zone Enrolments – Proof of Address Documents need to be ONE of the following:
    • ​If Own your home:
      • Contents Insurance Documentation
      • Sale and Purchase Agreement
      • Rates Account
    • If Living in Rented Home:
      • Contents Insurance Documentation/Policy
      • Signed copy of Rental Agreement

Along with ONE other supporting documentation such as a Power Account,  or other utility bill.  For further information regarding what documentation is suitable, please contact the Office. 

  • (If the child does not hold a NZ Birth Certificate or is not a NZ Resident we will require a copy of Visa and Student Visa Details)

If you are in a ‘living with’ arrangement, as this is regarded as a temporary living situation, this will need to be discussed further.  Please contact the office for further clarification in this instance.

Below are school zone information documents for your reference, including an enrolment form for 2020 and 2021, to download.